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Dale G. Casares

Colorado, Idaho, and Montana
Personal Injury Attorney

All too often, insurance companies delay payments or undervalue claims. Dale Casares draws upon her experience in the insurance industry and vast network of medical professionals to ensure her clients obtain the treatment they need and expert opinions necessary to secure favorable settlements.

Prior to attending law school, Dales worked as an insurance claims adjuster and Injury Operations Manager at Progressive Insurance. She has insight into the insurance industry and understands the duties and responsibilities insurance companies owe to injured parties.

Casares Law helps clients in Colorado, Idaho, and Montana seek recovery for injuries and damages caused by other people’s negligence.

You deserve to get your
life back after a car crash.

You’ve been injured in a car accident. And that accident triggered a domino effect of inconveniences in your work and personal life.

All you want to do is get your life back, which means getting paid and getting well. The problem is insurance companies often undervalue injuries or delay payment, and the whole process is overwhelming.

Your injury is real, and you deserve to get your life back after the crash. That’s why you need a personal injury attorney specializing in car accidents to lift the burden and maximize your compensation.

At Casares Law, we know how overwhelming it is when insurance companies give you the run-around. That’s why we’ve used our claims adjustor experience at our law firm to effectively mediate with insurance companies and help people just like you get their lives back after a car or motorcycle accident for 20 years.

Don’t get stuck getting the run-around from insurance companies that minimize your injury and the after effects of your accident.

Call now for a free personal injury consultation or fill out the contact form to receive a quick call back. We’ll guide you through every step of the legal process and give you peace of mind so you can focus on healing.

Focus on getting well and we’ll handle the nitty-gritty legal and insurance stuff. You don’t have to slog through the insurance claims process alone. Hire Casares Law to find a path forward from your accident and get your life back.

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We won’t charge a fee until
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When working with our care and motorcycle personal injury team, you can expect:

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Free Consultation

We won’t charge a fee until
your claim is settled.